Epic Speeches Network

The Epic Speeches Network aims to generate innovative new research on Graeco-Roman epic poetry, particularly its use of direct speech, by combining methods and theoretical models from narratology, discourse analysis, linguistics and digital humanities, bringing together scholars with complementary expertise in a collaborative environment.


The initiative for this new network was taken by the DICES project, but the founders warmly invite new members to take part in the network’s joint research agenda. As a first research project, we are working towards a peer-reviewed edited volume showcasing the potential of experimental digital methods (such as the DICES database) for diachronic analysis of speech in the Graeco-Roman epic tradition. To this end, the network is organising a series of workshops at the University of Rostock (Germany) 2022 and Mount Allison University (Canada) 2023.




  • Simone Finkmann, University of Rostock
  • Chris Forstall, Mount Allison University
  • Berenice Verhelst, University of Amsterdam



Advisory Board

  • Silvio Bär, University of Oslo
  • Deborah Beck, University of Texas at Austin
  • Neil Coffee, University at Buffalo
  • Irene de Jong, University of Amsterdam
  • William Dominik, University of Lisbon
  • Greta Hawes, The Australian National University
  • Jacqueline Klooster, University of Groningen
  • Elizabeth Minchin, The Australian National University
  • Damien Nelis, University of Geneva
  • Matteo Romanello, University of Lausanne
  • R. Scott Smith, University of New Hampshire
  • Tim Whitmarsh, University of Cambridge



Joining the Epic Speeches Network?


For more details contact info@epicspeeches.net or visit our website: www.epicspeeches.net.





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